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Staff Bios

BB_avShea Harris
Founder and Editor
Twitter: @BloggingBevo

Shea grew up with dreams of playing football for the Texas Longhorns. Sadly, his dreams were dashed when he was unable to crack the two-deep on his high school team. Alas, he had to settle for writing about his beloved Longhorns whilst living vicariously through their on-field exploits.

Shea stumbled onto his love for sportswriting and blogging when he had the opportunity to write a few pieces for a small hockey rag. Not realizing that the magazine was simply desperate and unable to pay a real writer, thus filling his head with delusions of grandeur, he started writing for and publishing several sports blogs and websites. This all culminated in the establishment of BloggingBevo.com, allowing Shea to finally focus on his greatest sports passion: Texas  football.

Shea hopes to one day be mentioned alongside idols Skip Bayless and the "Boom goes the dynamite" guy in the hallowed annals of sports reporting.

Favorite Teams: Other Interests:
The Horns
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Stars
San Antonio Spurs
Texas Rangers
Macon Whoopee(defunct)
Rock & Roll
The Blues
Hot babes
Electronic gadgets



Trey Scott
Lead Basketball and Baseball Writer
Twitter: @Trey_Scott

Trey Scott is a sophomore journalism major at UT-Austin. A native of Austin, Trey grew up religiously following the Longhorns. He currently lives with his five roommates and pet dog.

Favorite Teams: Other Interests:
Texas Longhorns
Dallas Cowboys
New York Yankees
San Antonio Spurs
OKC Thunder
New York Knicks
Writing for Daily Texan
Playing basketball
Video gaming